Forensic Services

  • Dr. Kirk has experience working with attorneys to provide comprehensive medical records review, case consultation, and/or independent neuropsychological evaluation for cases involved in litigation.
  • Forensic neuropsychological evaluations are different than clinical evaluations, in that these evaluations often require a more extensive records review, determination of causality, and predictions of how current injuries have implications for future functioning.
  • Dr. Kirk has worked extensively with both plaintiff and defense attorneys in the context of personal injury claims (e.g., traumatic brain injury).
  • Dr. Kirk has served as an expert witness in both deposition and trial proceedings. Please contact Dr. Kirk for a comprehensive list of expert witness testimony.
  • Dr. Kirk has also testified in Colorado Due Process hearings with regard to potential violations of federal education laws and eligibility for special education services for students.

Please contact Dr. Kirk if you are interested in retaining his services for a forensic evaluation. The first step in the process would involve a brief phone consultation and then a records review, with initial impressions and recommendations provided by Dr. Kirk to the referring attorney.