Clinical Services

  • Neuropsychological Evaluations: Comprehensive evaluations are conducted with children, adolescents, and young adults with a history of developmental difficulties and/or acquired injuries including: traumatic brain injury, learning disabilities, ADHD, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, epilepsy, brain tumors, spina bifida, and mental retardation.
  • School Consultations: Classroom observations and consultations with educational professionals are arranged to assist with the development of an Individualized Educational Program (IEP).
  • Sports Concussion Consultations: When an athlete sustains a concussion, their neuropsychological skills are evaluated (i.e., memory, reaction time, and attention) in the context of their reported post-concussive symptoms. Our doctors then work closely with the treating physician or athletic trainer to help determine when it is safe for the athlete to return to play.
  • Titrating Stimulant Medications: Through a collaborative relationship with prescribing physicians, titration testing helps determine the optimal dosage level, minimize potential side effects, and maximize the benefits of stimulant medications.
  • ADHD Screening Evaluations: Abbreviated evaluations are conducted with a specific focus on symptoms of developmental inattention, impulsivity, and/or hyperactivity.
  • Psychoeducational Evaluations: Comprehensive evaluations are conducted to determine whether the student is eligible for accommodations and modifications in the academic setting and/or for standardized testing (i.e., SAT, ACT)