What is the cost for these services?

Kirk Neurobehavioral Health does not charge a flat fee for evaluations, but rather charges an hourly rate for the time our doctors devote to the assessment.

The cost of the evaluation will be discussed during the initial phone contact, but is dependent on the referral questions, the age of your child, and whether or not previous testing has been completed through the school or other providers.

Does my health care insurance pay for the evaluation?

Kirk Neurobehavioral Health accepts many insurance plans and is listed as a preferred provider for some health insurance carriers.

Depending on the referral question and your child’s medical history, your medical insurance may provide partial or full coverage of your child's neuropsychological evaluation.

Kirk Neurobehavioral Health also accepts fee-for-service payment (credit card payment accepted), for those parents who do not wish to use their insurance policy or when insurance will not pay for the evaluation.

Who do I contact for insurance claims and billing questions?

Please contact Kirk Neurobehavioral Health at 303-915-0108 regarding billing and insurance questions.

New patients will typically be scheduled in less than two weeks.

Call today for an appointment or for any additional questions.